1970 GT-37 Information

The 1970 GT-37 was an option package which could be ordered on top of the the Tempest T-37. If your VIN starts with '233', then you've at least got a genuine T-37. Technically the 1970 GT-37 was a 'midyear' option, so you'll see it referred to as a 1970 1/2 most of the time. 1970 GT-37s had no stripes at all, or a 1969 Judge stripe on the side.

1970 GT-37 Production

There were only 1,419 GT-37's produced for the 1970 model year, all at the Pontiac, MI plant. If more detailed information becomes available I will post it here.

1970 GT-37 Color Codes

The paint color codes for 1970

1970 Vinyl Top Color Codes

1970 Trim Codes